Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Life in Christ: Dead to Sin

Message on Romans 6:3-7 by Pastor Ron Bridge of Rehoboth Baptist Church given on Sep 19, 2010

"Every failure that we experience is not because the Holy Spirit is not strong enough, it's not because God doesn't want us to be Holy. Every, every failure that we experience is due in some way even a small way to the fact that we are still self-reliant, still putting confidence in ourselves, in our ability in the flesh. Guess what, the flesh will always fail us, always fail us because it is the nature of the flesh to sin. I can tell you my own personal experience of fighting and struggling against sin by my own strength is a losing proposition it's always a losing proposition. If we are spiritually wise we will learn the warning signs that we are slipping into self-reliance, and there are some very clear warning signs that we are slipping into self-reliance. It begins with a shallowness in prayer." -Pastor Bridge

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