Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Be Careful Lest You Fall Away

by Richard Owen Roberts

Turn to the Book of Hebrews with me as we focus upon the warning passages. The first three passages are:

1) 2:1-4 which deals with the issue of drifting away;

2) 3:5 – 4:13 which deals with the danger of hardening the heart;

3) 5:11 – 6:12 which deals with the incredible problem of dullness of hearing and sluggishness of spirit.

These three issues characterize the bulk of the church in our land today. There are large numbers of people that if they ever had salvation at all (and ofttimes it is dubious that they really did), they have drifted away to an amazing degree. Everywhere I go I encounter people who have hardened their hearts. They were at one time under conviction, but somehow they refused to respond to God, and in the process of refusing, their hearts were hardened. The bulk of the church is obviously sluggish, dull and lost in terms of the keenness, vitality and passion of true Christianity.

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