Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Mother's Influence

In 1928, pastor W.L. Caldwell preached a message to a mother's day audience. This is what he said,

"Well may we pause to pay honor to her who after Jesus Christ is God's best gift to men, mother. It was she who shared her life with us when as yet our members were yet unformed. Into the valley of the shadow of death she walked that we might have the light of life. In her arms was the garner of our food and a soft couch for our repose. There we nestled in the hour of pain, there was the playground of our infant glee.

Those same arms later became our refuge and stronghold. It was she who taught our baby feet to go and lifted us up over the rough places. Her blessed hands plied the needle by day and by night to make our infant clothes. She put the book under our arms and started us off to school. But best of all she taught our baby lips to lisp the name of Jesus and told us first the wondrous story of the savior's love."

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