Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Most Important Question That Can Ever Be Asked

When we began this study I introduced to you the fact that the truth in this chapter would answer the most important, essential, vital, critical question that can ever be asked--that this chapter would provide the answer to the most weighty, serious, meaningful query of all; that the question this chapter answers is more important than any other question; it is more important than all other questions combined. It is infinitely more important than all other questions combined.

What is the question? The question is this: How can a sinner be forgiven fully and reconciled to a holy God and thus escape eternal hell and enter eternal heaven. That is the question of all questions.

And since every human being will live forever, either in eternal hell or eternal heaven, that is the question that is most desperately needing to be answered--How can a sinner be forgiven fully, reconciled to holy God so as to escape eternal hell and enter eternal heaven? That is the supreme moral question. It is the supreme spiritual question. It is the supreme religious question for which no system of morality, no mystical spirituality and no religion has an answer, other than Christianity. And the Bible is written to give that answer. If you take that question and that answer out of the Bible, the Bible is like any other book. It is for this question and this answer that holy Scripture was revealed.

And as far as the Old Testament is concerned, it is nowhere answered more clearly than in Isaiah 53. That makes this a pinnacle chapter in the Old Testament. This is the Mount Everest of the Old Testament. It is a Holy Spirit-inspired prophecy of the meaning of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, 700 years before He came.

Watch, listen or download the full message: "The Sovereign Servant, Part 2" by John MacArthur here.

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