Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Silent Church Amidst A Sinful Nation

by E.A. Johnston
I have a video of Martin Lloyd Jones as he is touring England and visiting the sights where George Whitfield labored. While standing at the site of the Bell Inn where Whitfield was born, Lloyd Jones describes the moral climate of London in the days of Whitfield. He said that morality was at an all-time low, spirituality in the churches was almost nonexistent and that in London every fifth house was a gin-house, that it seemed the city itself was in a drunken debauchery and spiritual stupor. And Lloyd Jones glares into the camera and comments, “And where was the church in all of this?”

Today in America, our situation is far more grim than in the days of Whitfield and Wesley. Our national sins more multiplied. Evil increases at a rapid rate and our society slides into a sinkhole of perversion and debauchery. Our civic leaders call evil good and good evil. God has been legislated out of our once great country. The spirit of antichrist grows in the land and I ask the same question, “Where is the church in all of this? Where is the church? She is shamefully silent amidst a sinful nation.”

Listen below or read the full transcript here.

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