Tuesday, November 20, 2012

America Revival Or Ruin

by E. A. Johnston
When I was a little boy in the 1950s, things were different in America back then. I remember this country when Hollywood had censors, politicians had a conscience and America had a moral compass. Hemlines were lower and morals were higher and sin was called sin and not social disorders. Of course, we didn’t have the technology that we have today. Back then if you said Microsoft they thought you were referring to your mattress. And we didn’t have wifi. We had hifi. It was a time when only women wore earrings and only sailors had tattoos.

I remember America when it still had a strong work ethic and business abounded in honesty and integrity and a man’s word and handshake was as good as gold. And I remember in America when a parent did not have to worry about what their children saw on TV and marriage was between a man and a woman. There was such a thing as shame in society back then.

I remember America when the Church still had authority and there was still a fear of God in the land. I remember a nation that stood on biblical principles and looked to God for guidance and to the Church for direction. It was ok to pray in public school back then and the 10 Commandments were publicly displayed. And if any Atheist cried out against it, there were more than enough Christians to shout that person down because God had the majority in the nation back then.

And I remember an America that was looked up to by other nations and we were a country that held on to the principles of our founding fathers and old glory was never stomped on and set fire to because we respected too much what it stood for. Back then there was such a thing as a weekly prayer meeting in the church and people actually came to pray. And they weren’t embarrassed to cry when they prayed and they prayed loud and long and did so until they grabbed hold of God and the fire fell and consumed the sacrifice. The Church back then didn’t operate on money and manpower, but by God and Holy Ghost power. Back then the Church influenced society instead of society influencing the Church.

And I remember preachers who preached about the blood and the cross and they warned that hell was hot and a future judgment awaited all mankind. Those kind of preachers weren’t afraid of men, but they sure feared the almighty.

I keep using the word remember because all I have is my memory of these former things. Today America is facing ruin and only a heaven sent revival will save this nation from complete destruction.

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