Friday, November 23, 2012

“Born Again” — What Does That Mean?

These days, almost everyone talks about being born again; but virtually no one knows what the Word of God teaches about the new birth. Therefore, I want to address the subject in simple, clear, unmistakable terms. When you leave here today, I want you to understand what the new birth is and how it is accomplished. More importantly, I want you to leave here born again. May God be pleased to make it so for Christ’s sake.

The religious world around us, in its apostate rejection of the truth of God, has made the new birth to be nothing more than making a decision, walking an aisle, and saying a prayer. Because of their abuse and error regarding the doctrine of the new birth, our tendency is to shy away from using the term “born again,” lest we be identified with those who deny the gospel of Christ. But, no matter how much men may pervert the language and the doctrine of Christ, our Lord’s admonition to Nicodemus still stands. It is as necessary and urgent today as it was when he first made it more than two thousand years ago. — “Ye must be born again!”

Some of you have never made any profession of faith in Christ. I want you to hear this message. — “Ye must be born again!” Perhaps, some of you have been in the church for years who are yet without Christ. You made a profession of faith a long time ago; but you are yet without life before God. May God the Holy Spirit cause you to hear this message and grant you his grace this very hour. — “Ye must be born again!”

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